Annalyn Lavey

It’s refreshing to be working to benefit many, not just a few.”

Human. A decade in technology and food systems has taught me to challenge the known, embrace the unknown, and harness limitations.

There is something about the tangible that is so satisfying. Be it process or outcome, art, or expression–making it happen is bliss.

I strive to be an adaptive steward. Restoring wasteland through food systems transformation is something I hope to dedicate the rest of my life. The more I learn, the more I commit to the vision.

I am a Colorado native, born to two entrepreneurs in the service industry. Taking responsibility, calculated risks, and pushing the limits of what is possible was, is, and always will be part of who I am.

Listening is one of the skills I have cultivated the most in my career. The art of listening deeply keeps me humble.

Purpose-driven and intrinsically motivated. My work in finance has taught me that just because someone has money or manages money it does not mean they operate from a mindset of abundance. Kinneret sets a new kind of standard when it comes to values alignment – it’s liberating.