Michael Kaplan

Utilize the help and wisdom of your community.”

I take immense pride in my attention to detail, and I’m gratified to see this obsession reflected across Kinneret. Every penny is accounted for, every transaction is structured with care, and every trade is executed thoughtfully. Without a solid foundation, everything will eventually fall.

Over the years I have learned to never be afraid of asking questions. Utilize the help and wisdom of your community to strengthen your approach to any challenge.

Sports are a huge passion, specifically March Madness. Who doesn’t find joy in watching a small school upset a top-ranked school? Excitement is often enjoyed most during unexpected times.

So many times, capital is used to invest in today as opposed to considering the harder question of how capital can be allocated to invest in and create a better world. As we know, change like this does not happen overnight; in order to create resounding change, one must be prepared to invest thought and, most importantly, time.