Mony Rueven

We are approaching a historical intersection in finance.”

I’ve learned a lot about investing by working with wood. Before you begin to shape it, you must have a clear idea of your desired outcome. It’s imperative that you examine it from all sides…understand how it will behave in the future and what can go wrong. We are analog devices in a digital world and woodworking lets me explore this.

Traditional “wealth management” bedevils me. Too much is taken for granted. We were given the opportunity to look under the hood of how wealth management operates and what we saw left us aghast. At Kinneret, we’re looking at the same puzzle. We’re just trying to solve it better. And if a better way doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

We are investors. Chasing returns is anathema to our philosophy. Empower people and the returns will follow.

How does this movie end? It may sound like a simple question, unrelated to finance even, but it really does change how you think throughout the entire process. It’s a three-dimensional way of thinking. I believe others think in 2D at best.

We are approaching a historical intersection in finance. We’re entering a new socioeconomic period. How well one anticipates the shift and changes along with it will reverberate for generations.